ANANA muyu is the dream of two Ecuadorian girls, who want to show the world another side of Ecuador, through the hard work of it´s people, it´s fertile soil and it´s artisanal products. The landscapes, products, and artisans of Ecuador are the caterpillar of our brand, expressed in the firmness and quality of the textile and leather, in the beauty of Ecuadorian landscapes visualized in colorful embroideries with national identity.


Through fair and balanced social development Anana Muyu will showcase the artisanal talent of Ecuador to the world. Anana Muyu products are manufactured by national craftsmen who work in the background towards a better life. Our products enable families to access employment by giving value to their handmade products and showing the world the quality of their work. Anana muyu products are inspired by the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Ecuador. Anana muyu is a proudly Ecuadorian brand with an emphasis on social responsibility.



To contribute to the social development of Ecuador, through the creation of employment and the realization of unfulfilled potential of a national raw material. Anana Muyu aims to deliver a high quality manufactured product to national and international markets, while contributing to sustainable social development and reducing poverty in an environmentally responsible manner.


To satisfy national and international markets with high quality Ecuadorian products that encourage customers to come and visit Ecuador. To deliver beautiful artisanal products that contribute to the sustainable development of Ecuadorian society. 

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